Bitsy the Spider Iconavailable on the app store

This little game lets kids take control of Bitsy the Spider. When the water comes, clouds cover the sun, the sky darkens and a real physics simulation of raindrops sweep Bitsy down, unless she’s taken cover under a roof. No matter where the rain sweeps her the sun will dry up the rain so she can go up the spout again.This game has music, artwork and gameplay designed for young children including fruit Bitsy can collect at her leisure. When Bitsy touches fruit, the name of the fruit is said, adding a learning element to a fun game.The programming lets kids use their whole palm to smash the screen and understands those touches, unlike some games that require only 1 finger.Features:
– Universal binary
– Retina enabled graphics
– Unlimited replayability
– Settings outside of app to make is easy for parents/kids to control volume
– Original artwork / music
– Real physics simulation for bitsy and the water!

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