Programmers love coffee. And sushi and pho and apparently bacon, you know just check ThinkGeek. Back to coffee, I have to report my latest findings to programmers everywhere who experience heartburn, knowing you are probably drinking too much coffee and possibly eating too much sushi and bacon these holidays.

A few things every coffee lover and programmer should know, use 100% arabica beans. Drink your coffee very fresh. But take your time to brew it right. Use good quality or filtered water. Stir or swish before you pour. Here are some extra tips relating to heartburn or indigestion.

I found this Swedish or Cowboy method to brew coffee. It works well to reduce the acid content of the coffee and tastes so smooth. Impress your holiday guests, make them wait in anticipation while you insist it is worth their while, straining bits of egg and shell from their cups. I’ve tried adding clean crushed egg shells into my carafe brewer, which worked a little to reduce the acid.

Lately I discovered that adding a spoon tip of baking soda into my cup helps a lot. Caution though if you are watching your sodium intake, you know, sodium bicarbonate. I put less than 1/8 tsp per 2 cups; you should probably figure out how much is safe to drink before doing as I do.

I have read that darker roast coffee is least acidic. However, and this is so exciting to me, I just read an article on google scholar that the bitterness in coffee may be triggering a gastric response to raise stomach acidity. Lighter roast coffee is least bitter. Hmmm.

Recently found out about this thing called cold-brewed coffee that is apparently da bomb for smooth, acid-reduced coffee. Who has time for this? So I thought, if cold brewing is better… I would try adding 3 ice cubes along with my baking soda into the brewer on top of the grounds. I set it to slow brew setting. I like this, it is smooth and easy to drink and hey, all gone! And my coffee break is more than over.

Low Acid Coffee