Virtual scoops on a cone
Augmented Reality Ice Cream

We’re pretty excited about the new Ice Cream AR app coming out really soon. It’s been really fun programming so much math over the last month, and with the ARKit and SceneKit from Apple we’ve been able to build a pretty awesome game.

Here’s a picture of a cone in front of the code generating it. Very meta.

One fun part of Ice Cream AR development is that we get to learn and develop internal abilities and capacities in this cool new technology. In the game your ice cream cones and scoops has real physics and bounces off the couches/tables etc. In order to get that to happen we’ve had to do some pretty fun testing.

Here is my real world staircase in AR in a range of materials. Pretty surreal.

Augmented reality Staircase in plaid
Augmented reality Staircase in wool
Augmented reality Staircase in tile.



Anyhow I have some work left to do but thought I’d share a taste of what you’ll be able to play with in a a short while.


Augmented Reality Staircases and Scoops in iOS