When looking for games released on both iOS and Android, most websites showcase massive blockbusters with freemium ads and in app purchases. If you remove pandemic inspired zombie killers, badly made knock-off titles and heavily promoted games from AAA studios, there’s almost nothing left.

We’ve noticed the “app review” schtick is stale anyhow, and users don’t trust these sites to find new games. That’s because app review sites tend to “review” games that pay them hard cash. No wonder Top 10 lists from around the web showcase the same titles: Marvel Comic games, Disney games, Sims for mobile, Scrabble, Zombie Killer Extreme, Angry Birds 2, and of course games the website authors have an interest in. Which brings me to the purpose of this post.

After playing 100s of hours of games this year (cough, cough), we’re ranking Ragin’ Bull as the top game from Silicon Hanna this year. Why? It’s the perfect game for 2020. It lets you run around smashing and raging, in a way no one can do in these COVID days of medical lock down. It evokes a not too distant past, has beautiful scenery and uses detailed objects and a sense of humor to keep the player engaged.

It’s made by a 2-person studio in Alberta, and it’s well worth your time. I can’t wait to see what these crazy kids build next.

Best New Games for iOS and Android December 2020, January 2021