So we just finished updating and submitting CryptoQuip and CryptoQuip free for review.

UPDATE: CryptoQuip 1.3 was released Friday afternoon.

This round of fixes includes:

  • Improved memory management (when moving to background)
  • some pretty important bug fixes,
  • the ability to play on a white screen instead of the brown paper image,
  •  support for retina displays,
  •  and 150 new puzzles (to replace the old ones),
  •  and 15 new puzzles in the free version

It’s always frustrating to realize your last version had any bugs at all, but we’re excited to improve our apps and fix bugs whenever we find them.It’s also kind of neat to add new features based on requests from users, like the white screen feature we added this time around.

If you have any bugs or feature requests send them our way and maybe they’ll appear in the next update!



CryptoQuip Apps updated