So with the year end nearly upon us, we are trying to decide what kind of app to develop next. We have a whole bunch of ideas, including some social networking style stuff, but those apps require some heavy lifting on the server side, so we’re undecided if we’re ready and willing to pursue that type of devlopment at the moment.

Some ideas so far are:

  • Friend/Tracking app (maybe with busses)
  • Artistic app
  • Something else…

The next app should not be a game, since it will be used in part to help students learn to develop apps. For those of you unaware, one of our programmers is a Associate Professor at Mount Royal University, teaching the App Development Course: COMP 3504

In the meantime, we’re playing around with social media advertizing, trying to get the word out about Santa’s Loot before Santa retires for the year.

If we don’t post again soon,

Happy Holidays


Holiday Development Time