As we ponder what do do next, we evaluated many things. Do we do a seasonal Rafter’s Loot? Revamp the Star Chase Interface? Build the next angry birds? No. We decided it was time to bite the bullet and offer in-app purchases for more puzzles in cryptoquip.

In app purchases would offer players a chance to play more puzzles if they want to. We’re still settling on what type of “packs” to offer, but we’re thinking maybe one jumbo value pack and then some smaller themed packs. If you want to se a particular theme drop us a line! So for the next little while we will compile the theme packs and modify CryptoQuip to allow for In App Purchase (IAP).

Not sure exactly what to do about the distinction between our two binaries. We want to offer IAP in both, but do we allow the free one to “turnĀ  off” ads or would that simply direct you to require purchasing the full version? We’re thinking if you’re playing the “free” version you have ads, even if you purchase more packs.

All these issues and more to come as we get IAP up and running.







In App Purchases coming soon