So it’s been a little while since I’ve posted, so I’m going to talk about a few things.

Firstly, we’re working on a holiday themed version of Rafter’s Loot. Instead of navigating a river and collecting adventure loot, we’re making a version where you navigate a sled on the ice, collecting presents and other holiday stuff. It will  be free, supported by ads. Look for it later this month!

We also finally raised the price on the full version of Cryptoquip, after breaking the 1000 download mark. Given the price of the puzzle packs, buying the full version gets 150 puzzles and no ads, so it’s still a great value.

Finally, on a more personal note, we finally replaced our blackberry phones with iPhone 4S’s! As app developers we probably should have done it right away, but we had to wait for our contracts to allow a cheap upgrade, and we wanted to wait for the new iPhone.

They are wonderful little machines. I absolutely love Siri. I think this will have a big impact on how we interact with our personal computing devices.

  • I asked Siri to set a timer to ensure we made our doctor’s appointment, and it was a paradigm shift from the old way of: entering an app, setting things manually then putting it away. It took 10 seconds to do and it worked perfectly!
  • I also enjoy being able to to do searches in Google by talking, it’s leaps and bounds faster than typing, and it’s more natural. You just say ‘Search Google for “blah blah blah’ and she does!
  • I was trying to plan my day and asked her about my meetings this week, Boom! up pop all the meetings in my calendar. I can’t wait to try and set a meeting for real. When planning a fake meeting to test her out it worked better than any calendar app ever has for me. It notifies you of conflicts and captures all the info you’d have to type manually. Best personal assistant I’ve ever had (Note: I’ve never had a personal assistant)
  • I was getting along so well with her, I asked if she could talk dirty to me… Her response was hilarious… I won’t spoil it for you try it out yourself!





iPhone 4S Cryptoquip and Santa’s Loot