Both CryptoQuip and CryptoQuip Free now allow you to buy puzzle packs right in the game! This page gives you step by step instructions to buy your 1st puzzle pack in either game.

Step 1 – Launch the game on your iOS device.

Step 2 – Click the ? in the bottom left corner of the game to access the menu

Step 3 – Click “Browse & Buy Puzzles”

Step 4 – Buy a puzzle pack

Now you are in the Level Pack Menu where it shows all the available packs. The 1st 5 packs are 100 games, and below are the value packs of 100 games!

Once you decide which pack you’d like click on the button that says “Buy” or “$0.99”. This will communicate with apple and walk you thorough the purchase. If you already bought the pack it will let you download it again for free.

View of Level Packs with nothing purchased yet.
No puzzles bought yet. See the $0.99 buttons for each pack

Once the pack is downloaded the button that used to say “Buy” or “$0.99”, will now say “Select”.

The Puzzle pack has been bought, but not yet selected.
Pack 1 has been bought. The $0.99 button now says Select

Step 5 – Select the newly bought puzzle pack

You click the button that now says Select to switch from the pack you’re on to that pack. You’ll notice once you “select” a pack the button changes again to say “Current” That’s how you know which pack you’re using at the moment.

The new Puzzle pack is now selected and ready to play
The new Puzzle pack is now selected and ready to play

That’s it!, return to menu, and return to game and you’re playing the new puzzles! If you want to switch pack to another pack you’ve bought, just go in and click the Select button for that pack. It remembers your progress and makes switching between packs effortless.