The virtual ice cream parlour which lets you make a mess without all the clean up.

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Ice Cream AR (Augmented Reality) reinvents what casual gaming can be by mixing a lighthearted 3D gaming experience with wherever you are.  By paying attention to small details and creating a fully immersive experience the simple task of ice cream stacking is enjoyable for hours, and replayable as many times as you have new spaces to play in and new friends to play with

Stack ice cream in the library, at work, at home, on the car and anywhere else where you would normally stop for a quick game. Unlock different cones and flavours, then run around your real environment stacking cones for customers who place orders at the virtual tables laid atop the real ones on the real world.

The open format of Ice Cream AR maps out the environments using your camera on iOS devices with A9 processors so we can create and show tables all over your living room, positioned exactly overtop of your real tables, even as you move around the scene.  Change decor type, or get right down to stacking 12 flavours of cone to fulfill orders that popup around the room.  You can hide the decor to see the ice cream spattering all over the furniture floor and couch with real physics creating splats and spills.

Using Apple’s ARKit and SceneKit we built a fun 3d physics world layered on top of your own real one.  Stack ice cream with modelled physics and when you spill, watch the splats hit and bounce off the furniture realistically, leaving ice cream dripping down the couch and on the floor.  You can take photos in game to share, freaking out your roommate when you show a pile of cones and ice cream on their bed, but the real experience is dynamic real time and unlike any game you’ve tried before.