Jewel Slide is the in-a-row matching game where you travel through ancient temples using a sliding mechanic that’s fun, easy and addictive. 

Arrange 3 in a row (and more) to capture the jewels and earn points, get a cross (row and column) to earn the jewel, and use it to solve the puzzle! As the levels get harder so do the challenges.

Wild coins, special power pins, time bonuses, rocks and more await you on your casual journey. Levels get harder as you progress.

Original artwork, music and gameplay elements bring you deep into the story. Can you get to the end and find the ultimate treasure?

Coins can be purchased in-app, but the gameplay doesn’t require it to win. This game may be familiar to those who like candy crush, bejewelled and other similar games, but with something more. 

We appreciate your patronage and all the feedback that went into Jewel Slide.

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