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Rafter’s Loot Free is the fast paced game where you collect falling loot on a raft as you make your way through 3 exciting worlds and 9 levels of action.

Realistic physics mean that your load sways on the raft as you move it left and right on the water. The physics engine makes Cannonballs weigh and act differently than a wood barrel or a cement block. Just as you think you have the objects down, TNT, poison and jewels come in! Shadows hint at what is coming next to help you organize your raft, but some items have similar shadows…

When 3 identical items are touching a row will disappear giving you more room on your raft for falling loot!

Every time you replay a level it’s different so you get added replay value. Also, you can start the game on any world, so you’re not required to play the game in order if you don’t want to!

If you like block stacking games, physics games with balancing, stacks, falling and other fun games we hope you’ll also enjoy Rafter’s Loot!


– universal binary – play on any iOS device.
– high quality graphics for iPad and retina displays
– unlimited replayability
– gamecenter high scores
– accurate physics
– fun and diverse set of scenes and items.

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