Jewel Slide has just been updated in the app store!

We fixed up a few bugs, cleared up some space, and touched up the levels a bit. We also changed a few artwork pieces, like the icons and the pearls. In my unbiased opinion this is the best bejeweled type jewel sliding matching game I’ve ever played.

The more exciting corollary, is that all those bugs and improvement will also be in for the Word Slide launch. Word Slide was the original game idea where you find words in a grid, but before testing the more complicated word finding algorithms, we wanted to build a simpler version of the game, which instead of words, would find matching row and columns of jewels. Jewel Slide is that actually quite a fun game, and “Word Slide & Find”, using similar mechanisms is on it’s way soon!







Jewel Slide Updated – Word Slide coming soon…
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