So we’re furiously working on our next game, and we came to a realization. While games like CryptoQuip are very enjoyable brain teasers, they only appeal to those who like to have their brains teased. Games like Angry Birds, and Draw Something are fun and engage your mind, but are easy to pick up without feeling like you’re a “smarty pants” as one customer told me.

So we came up with a wicked fun word game with cool interface, but as we played it on paper we realized it’s another smarty pants game, meaning we are targeting only those who want to engage their minds in word play… And there are many more people out there who just want a quick fun game.

So, we took the gameplay for our new word game and are going to develop a “bejeweled” version 1st. We will then use the same framework to develop the word/letter version of the game after the jeweled version is out there. Which would I rather play? Well the word version, but which will appeal to more people? Our research suggests keeping it simple will keep it fun for more people.

Hopefully by Canada day we will have at least the 1st “jewel” version released. If you’re a smarty pants you’ll have to wait a little longer, but trust me, it will be worth the wait.


Keep it Simple