Rural game studio bucking the shoot-em-up trend with a smash-em-up adventure

Silicon Hanna Inc. releases a new style of action game for mobile devices: Ragin’ Bull, where the player becomes a bull with an affinity for smashing

HANNA, ALBERTA – December 22, 2020

Rural tech company Silicon Hanna Inc. announced today the release of a new game for Android and iOS, now officially available for download in stores on both platforms. What makes this game unique? To start, the game intentionally omits guns and gore to create a more lighthearted and cathartic game but lets you smash hundreds of items including layered cakes, mailboxes, carousels and barrels inside over a dozen different shops and streets. Rather than controlling a human character the player assumes the perspective of a 3D bull as he smashes his way through the world – collecting points and power-ups and bursting into a raging buck. Featuring beautiful music, artwork and sound effects in addition to realistic and responsive physics this is a game everyone should experience.

Silicon Hanna Inc. moved to Hanna in 2018, after their co-founders Ricardo and Joanne Hoar sought a rural community to raise their kids and build their games. Hanna’s reputation for art & community, coupled with it’s high speed internet and small town values have been a perfect and productive environment. Ragin’ Bull is their first 3D game built using the Unreal Engine, a tool used by top game studios and taught at campuses worldwide. When asked how they came up with the theme, lead game developer Joanne Hoar replies “growing up in Southern Alberta, Ricardo and I are both heavily inspired by cowboy culture, and one day a few summers ago we came up with the idea: wouldn’t it be awesome if you could be the bull, escape the rodeo and smash the town? Then when covid hit we decided to do a small project to fit our new schedule. We wanted a game that would bring fun and a feeling of being out in the open. It was time to make Ragin’ Bull!”.

The game has the appeal of a first-person shooter without the violence or blood. There is something enjoyable about exploring an open 3D world, replaying a level until all of its hidden surprises are discovered. Ragin’ Bull delivers that, including plenty of destruction and even a battle with a pirate, without bloodshed. According to Joanne Hoar “the game is designed to appeal to casual gamers, women, teens, and anyone that thinks being a ‘Bull in a China Shop’ sounds fun.” With 11 unique levels, tonnes of bonuses to collect, hundreds of fastidiously designed objects to smash, and a high-score achievement board on both platforms players will find themselves fully entertained and wanting to beat their best. Through the outdoor scenery and rustic shoppes, the game mixes cowboy culture with a global twist. Ricardo Hoar, the game’s co-creator and lead designer, explains “All around the world, people love the power of bulls. Whether it’s the Calgary Stampede Rodeo or the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, people have a connection to bulls and their power. We tried to capture those details to make the world immersive and fun”.

Founders Ricardo and Joanne both grew up in Alberta, Canada and met at the University of Calgary where they pursued Master’s degrees in computer science. They were married and decided to create their own software company shortly after graduation, incorporating in 2004. Ricardo has worked at start-up companies and has had roles as professor and chair at Mount Royal University and assistant dean at Sheridan College. Joanne has also worked at start-ups and on large development projects at two oil & gas service companies. A team with unique perspectives and skills, Silicon Hanna Inc. has created diverse other games for mobile such as the popular CryptoQuip and their original World Slide and A Word Theme puzzle games, as well as newer augmented reality games. The games in their repertoire are designed to be safe for families and appealing to a broad audience. Check out Ragin’ Bull, or any of their 10 games in the app store (many are ad -supported and free to play). For a media kit or more information, please contact Joanne and Ricardo.

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