Your privacy is important to us. That’s why our privacy policy is simple and easy to understand.

We reserve the right to do whatever is needed to provide functionality you want from our apps. We as a company collect data to improve our apps (crash reports, analytics on usage) and we also share data with our advertisers  Admob (Google) who then use that information to manage which advertisements you see. For those of you using our ad supported aps, you should be aware that advertising networks may use your web history, location, and other trackable info to provide better ads.

While ads and tracking can seem distasteful,  they help us make our games available to free to anyone in the world.  By making you aware of the tracking and data sharing you can decide whether to share data for ads, turn off ads with in-app -purchase, or download Ragin’ Bull – a paid app with no tracking! So while 3rd party companies may do a lot of things with your data (that’s why you may see an ad for that item you researched on google last week in game!), we aim to make that disclosure relatively painless and  transparent.