We just submitted for review to the App Store the full version of our newest game Rafter’s Loot.

Screenshot from iPhone of Rafter's Loot

This game is probably our best game so far. In it you control a raft and try to collect as much valuable loot as possible. Using a great physics engine, original artwork, and inspiration from our childhood, we know this is our best game yet!

As your stack grows it may become unstable and you lose loot! If you manage to keep organized then any groups of 3 disappear and you score them, a handy way to make more room in your boat. Some items are good, others bad, and the shadows that tell you what come next are only a hint, since two square boxes with different contents have similar shadows!

We’re taken inspiration from our childhood gaming memory and applied our collective experience to try a build a great game. Classics like asteroids and Tetris influenced this game as well as Mario Brothers (in artwork and menus). I hope you enjoy it when it hits the store later this month!

Oh. A Free version will be along shortly, so you’ll probably hear about that before we get approved.



Rafter’s Loot Submitted