We’ve been working hard on all the beta feedback from our testers and we submitted our final app to Apple’s app Store.

Now it’s always a bit nerve wracking submitting an app for Apple’s approval, but this time was especially worrisome because
1) the time of year can introduce delays
2) It’s our first game created using the Unreal Engine, and we figure we’re bound to miss a flag, or something.

That’s why when we got approval to release our app this morning we were very excited. The app itself is solid, and is a great game, but for us this approval represents something bigger as well. We now have published a big, open world with AI characters, 3d models and familiar FPS controls – and it works on both mobile platforms. For our small rural Alberta company, it shows that big things are possible on a shoestring budget.

What comes next? That’s what is exciting. We’re thinking of a Kickstarter to promote one of our two big ideas, both of which require that Unreal worked for us (it did). Stay tuned for that in the new year. Either a massive education game or back to Climate Crisis I suspect. Fun either way!

Ragin Bull approved for Apple’s App Store