Ragin’ bull is fun arcade style game for mobile devices where you control a Bull smashing his way through the world. Ragin’ Bull brings together parts of racing games, level up mechanics and open world exploration to create fun and original game set at the turn of the century.

You begin the game on an island farm surrounded by hay bales, garden plots, barrels and your Farmer’s house. In order to escape you’ll have to level up your bull by destroying items and collecting bonuses. At the end of each level you can spend your bonuses on agility, speed, shielding and fame, all through easy-to-use interfaces. Fame attracts more runners and increases your bonuses. A famous Bull running on the boardwalk pier will attract a bigger crowd than one without much fame.

As your bull travels through the game you’ll encounter. more items of course, but also different AI characters. The red scarfed runners evoke the romantic running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain and elsewhere. The Rodeo clowns hiding behind barrels and teasing the clown evoke a western sprit like that in Alberta, where the game studio is located. Mini bulls are your ally, smashing things on your behalf, once you release them from their pen.

This is the first game Silicon Hanna has developed using the Unreal Engine, so it’s a fully immersive 3d game with gorgeous clouds in the sky, grass on the ground, and hundreds of 3d models, fully smashable!

We expect to release updates and improvements as time goes on, but hope you check out Ragin’ Bull and support our 2 person video game studio, working hard from home during this pandemic, so you can smash up the world in the game.

– 100s of items to smash and collect.
– Realistic physics, graphics, and intuitive controls.
– 4 worlds of gameplay including an island, carnival and train, with more planned.
– Leaderboards let you compare your best smashing against your friends.

Creative Commons Assets used in game

Original soundtrack and 3d assets created for Ragin bull are are supplemented by assets and resources form the Creative commons world.

  • Medieval Chandelier Kevin.Popescu (https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/medieval-chandelier-dd8b8bd637b5420badb323d5ec82a948)
  • 3d Gas Stove by Lyskilde (https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/gas-stove-056ccf898f9e49acb6e3e370deabf184)
  • Restaurant Kitchen Set soidev (https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/restaurant-kitchen-set-part-1-129dd2f84879477ea261b422d21491f4)

Thank you to all those people who have made their assets useable, either through a “reference” license, or through public domain and CC0. As a small 2 person studio, finding good assets that we can use freely lets us go farther faster. Thank you.