So I just finished submitting Star Chase with localization in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese!

A big shout out to Joanne who did all the German stuff, but more importantly wrote a bulletproof font rendering engine that easily allowed me to add fonts with accents! Had it been written by a lesser programmer, I’d no doubt have had to do more than just upload new font files.

So, for you English speaking people, who cares? But now we hope to reach out to the rest of the world. Looks for more localized apps in future.

Oh, the dream… Well, Neal Young and I had a jam session, and then afterwards I invented the skeleton of some kinda game we will probably make… Or maybe not. We played it in analog this morning and it actually was quite fun! We just need to finalize the rules (and then develop it)  Instagram went for a billion dollars today, so I have to keep dreaming 🙂


Star Chase Internationalized and a dream