We just submitted our latest apps to the app store. Star Chase and Star Chase Free.

These original games are designed around the premise that you have to guide planets into orbit around stars using the tilt of your device. It’s actually fun to play, and after playing it for 2 months non-stop I hope that’s a good sign. I’ll tell you, creating 40 levels was quite a challenge and I understand why some game development companies hire people exclusively for that purpose!

We decided tentatively to price our new full version of the game at $3.99. With 40 levels that’s less than 10c per level, and it took a lot of our effort to write, so we hope that will be a good price point. There’s alot of pressure to make everything 99c, but we figure you can always play the free version before deciding whether to spend the 4 bucks.

We’re not 100% sure what apps we will be developing next. What we do know is that using Chipmunk physics engine and OpenGL graphics has been a successful approach so far, and we hope to try and build more apps using those technologies.

Star Chase Submitted