So our little app development company is doing great going into this 2011 Christmas holiday season, Santa’s Loot and CryptoQuip are doing well, and surprisingly Voodoo Mother In Law is doing better than expected as well.

But there’s a little nuisance I want to share with you, mostly cause it’s funny, but also to make people out there aware of the most annoying form of spam I’ve ever come across as a blog owner: Ugg Boot Spam

For some reason, the people who own Ugg Boot websites have decided to leave us comments almost every day trying to get links to their (counterfiet) ugg boot sites. Now normally, I expect some Viagra, or whatever spam, but what makes this interesting is how they try and convince me to approve their posts through flattery. Here are just a few examples of the kind of coments I’ve been rejecting:

  • We wish to thank you all over again to your beautiful ideas you gave Jeremy in planning her post-graduate research and also, above all, designed for providing the whole set of ideas available as one article.
  • This page is considered the beginning I’ve noted that is not rubbish. It requires a first-class work ethic that can put out something decent much site, carry on.
  • Glance a person’s best with Angry Birds Online Walkthrough Angry Bird Game Online (links removed)
  • Which isn’t the one thing I often do! I purchase pleasure from studying a publish that will make folks think. Additionally, i appreciate permitting me to comment!

So in conclusion, spammers are now trying to complement web site owners on how brilliant their posts are to trick them into publishing links (usually to their counterfeit Ugg Boot websites).

Happy Holidays!


Ugg Boots and Spam