So now that the App store is back up again after the holiday break, it was decided to retire Santa’s Loot for the year. Santa had a decent 1st year with several thousand downloads. We noticed a small uptick in Santa’s off season game Rafter’s Loot as well, so it was a good 1st effort at a holiday skinned version of one of our games.

Generally it was a higher than normal levels of downloads on our apps, and I imagine it’s across the board. I can just imaging people realxing with their new iPads on the couch, enjoying a well earned game after a busy holiday build up. We had our best ad revenue day yet on Boxing day!

AS for the next year, well we thought, maybe a mayan calendar would be good to count down until the next winter solstice, but there are already a bunch of em. We have some other ideas in the hopper, including environmental apps and medical apps. We’ll see, you never know…

Anyhow enjoy the rest of the year and the new one, 2012, to come.



Until next year Santa