For the past year one of the 2 principals from surje has been putting apps aside to work on a textbook on the fundamentals of web development. If you’ve noticed things slow down that’s why.

Well, it’s finally here, after over a year of really hard work Ricardo, and his colleague Randy Connolly have finally finished the book and it’s available on Amazon.The book is intended for multiple course stream in web development, and teaches web development concepts using a LAMP stack and a range of technology including HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, Bootstrap, DNS, Twitter, Facebook.

Get Fundamentals of Web Development

There are still some materials left to complete such as lab manuals, powerpoint slides and some sample exams (and solutions), but soon, apps will be back on the front burner. Maybe another game, a Robert’s Rules app or something else (that Facebook can buy 🙂

Web Development Textbook